835C 60th Street East, Saskatoon SK

Scott Roofing's owner, Scott Landru, began his career over 32 years ago with Helgason Roofing, a renowned company in Saskatoon. Starting as a labourer, Scott diligently worked his way up to become a roofer.

Quickly recognized for his skills, Scott was soon leading his own crew, playing a key role in training many of the company's employees, a majority of whom remain with the company today. Helgason Roofing's owner, Hugh Helgason, successfully retained a core group of employees throughout his 39 years in business, a testament to the company's supportive work environment.

In March 2016, upon Hugh Helgason's retirement, Scott saw an opportunity and established his own roofing company to address the needs in Saskatoon's roofing market. Hugh's mentorship and guidance were crucial during this transition.

Scott Roofing Incorporated in Saskatoon is proud to deliver high-quality roofing services performed by a crew of trained professionals on residential projects. We live and work in Saskatoon and are proud to call this city home! For local expert advice on roofing in Saskatoon, call the team that knows how hard our weather can be on your roofing!

Scott aims to integrate the invaluable lessons he learned from Hugh into his own business. Hugh's success was built on exceptional customer service, a strong work ethic, professionalism, and experienced workers. Scott plans to continue this legacy by employing these proven principles to foster quality client relationships and ensure his company's success.