1247 Lorne St, Regina, SK

Green Drop, a fourth-generation family business, has been pioneering growth solutions for over nine decades. Beginning in 1936 with the establishment of Val Vista Ranch by Jim and Irene Robinson in Springbank, AB, the family laid the groundwork for community building, culminating in the donation of land for the Springbank Park For All Seasons in 1960. As the years progressed, the Robinson brothers, Keith and John, ventured into custom harvesting and eventually founded Green Drop Lawns Ltd. in 1979, marking the inception of the first lawn care company of its kind in western Canada.

Despite facing challenges such as tornadoes and floods, Green Drop continued to expand, opening branches in Edmonton in 1987 and Winnipeg in 1991, among others. With a commitment to innovation, milestones such as the opening of the state-of-the-art Winnipeg Customer Care Centre in 2006 and surpassing 40,000 annual subscribers in 2015 underscore Green Drop's dedication to excellence and growth.

Green Drop's approach to lawn and tree care blends artistry with science, recognizing the vital role of healthy urban landscapes in fostering human health and well-being. By prioritizing their team of GreenKeepers™ and fostering a customer-centric culture, Green Drop remains steadfast in their mission to build greatness one lawn, one tree, and one satisfied customer at a time, ensuring long-term success and community prosperity.