The transformation of Ted, known as the Hebrew Hulk, began in Medicine Hat, where he was born and raised. Once leading a sedentary lifestyle, glued to his computer and devouring whole pizzas, Ted realized at 20 that he needed to make a change. Despite facing a lack of guidance and an overwhelming amount of "get fit fast" advice, he committed to a journey of self-improvement.

Through extensive research, basement workouts, numerous setbacks, and failed attempts, Ted persevered. Although he tried various coaches, he eventually recognized the need to take charge of his own fitness journey. This self-directed approach allowed him to master his passion and effectively guide others toward success.

Ted's personal transformation and acquired wisdom inspired him to share his knowledge, understanding the profound impact it could have on others striving for greatness. In addition to his fitness pursuits, Ted is a dedicated mental health advocate. He serves on the board of The Inner Man Project Foundation, contributing to its remarkable efforts in Medicine Hat.