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About Christine Pitre

Eye Candy Artistry is a NEW online fluid art studio, just 9 months hatched. This studio is the dreamchild of Canadian Artist + Designer Christine Pitre, who has been the creative force behind popular graphic design studio Designs that fly for over 2 decades. Christine brings her own brand of colour theory and design magic to each new art piece that you get to watch unfold.
Our goal is to showcase the fun and immersive artform of acrylic pouring as Christine paints to songs that inspire her. She creates eye-catching YouTube videos with the goal of inspiring others to create within their own field of interest. Creators inspire creators.
Clients are able to purchase the original paintings (and soon, prints and wearables) or they may commission their own art pieces, inspired by her videos or the music that they love.
Imagine gifting a one-of-a-kind art piece for a milestone birthday, wedding or anniversary, set to your special song.
You can commission personal and corporate art pieces in a variety of custom sizes. Let's chat and we'll create the perfect piece for you.
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Website: eyecandyartistry.com