Birthday Freebies

Free gifts and sick deals you can get in Regina on your birthday!

    Dessart Sweets: 1 free ice cream
    Fresh Carnival: 1 free milkshake
    Leopold's Tavern: 1 a free beer
    Malty National: 1 free beer
    Victoria's Tavern: 1 free beer (BONUS: free appetizer if you order through their website)
    *Rock Creek Tap & Grill: 1 free birthday dessert, with the purchase of a meal.

(Signup or Registration Required)

    Applebees: 1 free dessert
    Arby's: Get a FREE GYRO with any medium soft drink purchase
    Booster Juice: 1 free smoothie
    Boston Pizza: 1 free dessert (BONUS: various discounts and freebies; a free appetizer, free bandera bread, free pizza, etc.)
    The Canadian Brewhouse: 1 free half nachos
    Cuppa Tea: 1 free 50g loose-leaf tea
    David's Tea: 1 free loose-leaf tea
    Dairy Queen: 1 free ice cream cone
    Good Earth: 1 free coffee
    Harvey's: 1 a free burger for your birthday (BONUS: 1 free onion rings for signup)
    Marble Slab Creamery: 1 free ice cream
    Mary Browns Chicken: 1 free chicken sandwich
    Montana's: 1 free dessert
    Mr. Mike's: free entree and 1 free dessert (2-week grace period to redeem)
    Olive Garden: 1 free dessert
    Orange Julius: 1 free 20oz. smoothie
    Perkin's: 1 free breakfast meal
    Petco: 1 free bag of treats (your pet's birthday)
    Pita Pit: 1 free pita
    Red Lobster: 1 free food item (1 week grace period before and three weeks after your birthday)
    Starbucks: 1 free coffee
    Sephora: 1 free makeup item
    Second Cup: 1 free coffee
    Wendy's: 1 free chicken burger & 1 free frosty

Discounts (Signup or Registration Required)

    American Eagle: 15% off coupon
    The Body Shop: $10 off coupon
    Cora's: $5 off purchase, as well as a personalized message from Cora.
    London Drugs: $5 off coupon
    Quiznos: 10 bonus points
    Value Village: 20% off coupon (on your birthday or the day after)